Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poor Sofia

Remember back in October, a little more than a week before Bella arrived, when Olivia was under the weather? When she had boo boos in her mouth? How long ago that seems, but really just 6 mos ago. We are re-visiting that illness again only this time it's Sofia........
Monday night we thought she was a little warm when she went to bed, but she slept fine that night. Tuesday, her fever creeped up during the would break with medicine and then it would come back a little higher than the time before until around midnight, Sofia had a fever of 104.7 degrees. I freaked just a little and then I remembered how her gums were swollen and bleeding when I brushed her teeth.......and I knew. We called the night nursing line for our pediatrician's office and the nurse told us that if her fever hit 105, we needed to take her to the ER. Thankfully, after about 45 mins after a dose of ibuprofen, it came down to 103. And boy 103 never looked so good. Her little body was just radiating heat.

She didn't have a fever when she woke up, but by the time we arrived at the pedi's office, she was shivering. Bless her little heart.

The pediatrician confirmed my fears. And there's nothing we can do but manage her fever and the pain from all the sores in her mouth. And most importantly, keep her hydrated to keep her out of the hospital.

So far she's been a trooper and has spent the day laying on the couch or floor with an occasional burst of energy every now and again. As I was telling D what the doctor said, he goes " least we know what to expect and I'm glad it wasn't so bad with Olivia." Um. What????? Do you not remember? No really. What part of that horrible week do you really not remember? So after I brought up a few points he quickly remembered and joined me in dread. We're crossing our fingers, though, because Sofia had a decent day today.

My poor sweet baby!

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