Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a weekend

It's been a rough weekend around our house. It very well could have been that just today was rough......but if it was really rough. So much that I've forgotten about the rest of the weekend. Poor Sofia. Her fever has finally gone away but I can imagine the pain she's in from her little mouth.

Usually Olivia is our dramatic one, but we can only guess that her mouth hurts so much that Sofia isn't quite sure how to handle it comes out in her behavior. Today, everything has caused a meltdown. Big meltdowns. Uncontrollable meltdowns. The kind where you can just look at her wrong and it sends her into a tailspin. It breaks my heart because I know she doesn't feel good.......but it's also a true test of patience. A test, I'm ashamed to say, I didn't always pass. Let's just say Sofia wasn't the only one in tears this weekend and leave it at that. Ahem.

I called the pediatrician on Friday because Sofia was basically refusing to eat and was getting close to refusing to drink. At our visit on Wednesday, the doctor told me not to worry about her eating but that staying hydrated was imperative. I knew then I should have asked her to go ahead and call in the pain prescription, but I didn't. So Friday I made the call because the ibuprofen / acetaminophen rotation just wasn't cutting it. (As an felt really odd to me to be calling the pediatrician and requesting hydrocodone for my toddler. 'Um yes. We were in on Wednesday. My daughter had sores on and in her mouth. I need to get a strong pain medicine for her.' You the nurse on the other end was covering the receiver with her hand and rolling her eyes at the parent calling for RX pain know....for her kid). Our plan was to give it to Sofia about 45 mins or so before it was time to eat, in the hopes that she would be able to get something down --- because we think she really wanted to eat. Even now that we've had the pain meds, eating hasn't been that great --- and I was getting really worried today about hydration, but fun curly straws and some sweet tea seems to have helped.

She's also been spending a lot of time in her room. We've been waking them up from naps, or opening the gate to their room in the morning and Olivia has been coming down but Sofia has stayed upstairs. She definitely needs rest. But then.....possibly when the meds have kicked in......she gets a burst of energy and gets up to play for a while..........

But only for a short while before it's back to lay down.........

As if that weren't enough......we can't keep her from picking at her lips. When she does finally get up from a nap or from sleeping overnight, her face and her fingers are caked with blood. What do we do about that??

We are so hoping we have turned a corner with her and that she's on the mend. I know D is wary about tomorrow seeing how much attention Sofia needed today.

My poor, poor baby.

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Cincerely said...

Oooohhhhhh, that looks so painful. Poor thing. Hope Sofia feels better soon!