Saturday, October 16, 2010

Turning the corner

It's been a rough week around here, but I think we're finally turning the corner. On a good day, this is how we've spent our days...........
Although most days we've not been so lucky. Olivia has not had a fever since Monday but her poor little mouth has been quite painful all week. A couple of times we decided to use the "last resort" pain medicine (instead of alternating between over-the-counter meds) just to make sure she had some relief and hoping she would be able to eat something. Yesterday was the first day she ate a decent meal and today was her very first day medicine free.

I think this week qualifies as the most trying week we've ever had with the girls. I can imagine how much pain Olivia has been in and we've had periods (sometime hours) where she was absolutely inconsolable........neither D nor I could do anything to calm her down. It's heartbreaking and frustrating at the same time. She cried. I cried. D, who has the patience of a saint, was out of patience.......and I think Sofia also realized this because several times she tried to take advantage. There were times when, once we managed to get Olivia quiet and comfortable, we found ourselves walking on eggshells around her.....and with any noise or wrong step we would freeze and look at eachother.......not even daring to breathe until we knew we had not upset her. It sounds dramatic, I know, but I'm not even kidding!

But! I think we're finally getting past everything. Today was filled with playing and giggling girls, some time outside in the fresh air, at least two good meals for Olivia and only a few tears. Olivia's mouth isn't completely healed but there wasn't a single mention of boo-boos today. It was a good day.....and I am so glad!!

On a positive note, we took Sofia to MMO by herself both days this week......and both days she went straight into the classroom without so much as a glance back at her Daddy and was fine for the entire time. Although he was hoping for at least a little wave goodbye, I had to remind D this is what we've been hoping for!

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