Monday, October 11, 2010

"Mommy I have boo-boo in mouf"

Poor Olivia. D took her to the doctor this morning to have her checked out. I knew he was waiting to see the doctor so when he called me and said "Hey - I want you to talk to the doctor so she can explain what Olivia has" I had no clue what to think!

Turns out she has a virus - the same virus that causes cold sores on your mouth, but for young children instead of having cold sores on the outside of the mouth, they can get them inside the mouth. Her poor little mouth has several blisters inside and her gums are also swollen. Apparently this virus is very common and very contagious -- she could have gotten it anywhere. And since it's so contagious, the doctor told us to expect Sofia will get it, too. Ugh. We've been trying so hard to make sure they don't share cups, but it's next to impossible.

So. We're home......resting.............
Unfortunately there's nothing we can give her to make it go away faster -- it just has to run its course. We can treat the fever and then just make sure she stays hydrated. We have a prescription for a pretty strong pain medicine to use as a last resort if she refuses to drink anything, but so far we've not had to resort to that. I hope we don't.

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