Sunday, October 10, 2010

Under the weather.........

and only Grandma can make it better.
No really. Olivia only wanted Grandma all day today. She finally had to settle for Daddy when Grandma had to leave. We're not sure what's wrong -- she's been running a fever off and on since last night and her lymph nodes around her jaw are noticeably swollen. I can see a little blister on her tongue, but she won't open her mouth for me to see further back into her throat. I'm afraid her throat is sore because she keeps pointing to her mouth saying "I have boo-boo".....but then again she's been drinking all day without complaint.

D's taking her to the doctor tomorrow so we'll hopefully get an answer so we can know what to do to make her better. Poor thing......I hate seeing my little ones sick.

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