Sunday, December 18, 2011

Look what we can do!

O&S have known their letters for a long time - singing the alphabet, flash cards, puzzles....and most recently tracing letters on this handy dandy iPad app. We've tried writing a few times with big rolls of paper and crayons, but they've had less interest in that. And I know their teacher works with all the kids at pre-school.

Not to mention the fact that Sofia hasn't decided which hand she wants to write with........she still colors and draws with both!

So this morning I thought we'd give writing another try while Sofia was drawing on her magnetic board......."Can you write an S?" "How about an O?"..and so on.......until:

She was so proud of herself.....and I was even prouder!!

Of remember how Olivia can't be outdone, don't you? And this morning was no exception. We were making a big deal over Sofia and Olivia goes "Mommy......let me try, too. I want to draw THREE letters!" So we gave it a go..........and she did it! SIX letters, to be exact!!

And today was already a great day because it's Grandma's birthday! We like to learn new things on Grandma's birthday! Happy birthday Mom / Grandma! We love you!

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