Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look who's walking, too!!

Big things have happened this evening! Miss Olivia not only took her first step today......she's taken her first several hundred steps. That's right......Olivia is walking!!!

D and I are still ecstatic because it was completely unexpected. We have been working with her since before crawling with the ultimate goal of walking and she's been taking her own sweet time. Apparently, though, she was tired of all of the clapping and cheering for Sofia because today was her day.

If you saw yesterday's post, you know that she stood up on her own (i.e. no pulling up on anything - going from sitting to standing on her own) for the first time last night. (Well - she stood up for the very first time on Papa's birthday, but last night she kept her balance and had her first "real" time standing) Today she kept practicing her standing....and Sofia was practicing her walking. While she was standing, she looked like she was trying to take a step but she didn't have room. Then, she made her way to the ottoman and was cruising along the ottoman and when she got to the end of the ottoman, she let go.......and took off. And walked all the way across our kitchen!!!

I actually had my camera out because I was trying to get a picture of her standing on her own because I didn't have a good one, so these pictures are actually of her very first walk across the kitchen!!

We are beyond thrilled and so proud of both of our girls for reaching this huge milestone! So I'm guessing here's where the "Twice the Chaos" really starts coming in - ha! - but we don't care (um. I'm sure, at some point, we will care). D and I were talking about how thankful we are that we were both at home to see this milestone - for Olivia and Sofia.
Once Olivia started walking, she and Sofia spent the next hour roaming around the kitchen and walking around the island. Olivia was hilarious - when she would fall, she would say "Uh ohhhhh" or "Whoaaaa!" and get right back up. Well. Except for the time she fell and bumped her head on the floor. Then she cried. Screamed, actually. But she still went right back to walking.
I'm still smiling. This SO makes up for the melt-down both girls had in the check-out line at WMart this morning (I'll tell you that story another day!)

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