Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us!It's been a great holiday. I've been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and it's been awesome! We've had fun.....we've's been great. I can't believe it's over....sniff, sniff!

We didn't go all out on the decorations, but we've really enjoyed what we did put out.....

We took everything down today - usually by New Year's day I'm ready for everything to come down and put the furniture back where it belongs, etc. And it totally just hit me.......we had wreaths on our outside windows and I just now realized that I completely forgot to take a picture of the house from the outside. And then, for only a split second, I totally wondered how long it would take me to put the wreaths back up so I could get a picture. Don't worry.....I'm not going to do it, but it did cross my mind - ha! We even had spotlights on the house this year to show the wreaths at night. I've always wanted to have them and finally decided to go for it this year. Ugh. I can't believe I forgot to take pictures!!

But! Back to Christmas! The girls were so much fun this year for Christmas. When we would ask the girls what Santa was bringing them, they would always say "presents!" and I would ask what kind of presents....and they would say "pink presents!" - haha. Santa doesn't usually wrap, but he just happened to come across a roll of pink paper so there were, indeed, pink presents.

Santa also brought a kitchen and a doll house.....or....a dog house, as the girls call it - ha! I think Olivia even said "Look,'s a house for Little!"

Sofia was hilarious -- I asked her what happened if Santa didn't have a kitchen to bring for them and she goes "Don't worry, Mommy. He can take his Christmas car and go buy us a kitchen at the shopping." Ohhhh. Just like that, huh?!?!!

We spent Christmas Eve day at Aunt Rah-Rah's house with Carter and Reese and Grandma and Papa which was a lot of fun. Then....we couldn't believe it, but we had time to run home for a quick nap before heading to spent the evening with D's family. We had lots of fun both places and when we got home, Olivia and Sofia weren't so Santa was worried they were going to have a late night - ha. Luckily, Santa's workshop had been running for a few days before so by the time Christmas Eve arrived, everything was unpackaged, assembled, etc. so Santa had very little work to do.

On Christmas morning, the girls weren't sure what to think........But it didn't take long to figure everything out!
Olivia was funny both on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.....she wanted to unwrap all the presents.....she didn't care if they were for her or what was in them.....she just enjoyed the act of unwrapping - ha.

Even funnier......O&S tend to play with Bella's toys while Bella tends to play with theirs.

Speaking of Miss Bella......Santa brought her this cute little stroller so she can practice her walking......

And she's doing quite well! She's cruising along the furniture like a champ and it's so funny because we'll be sitting in the family room and she'll come walking through pushing her stroller!
New Year's Eve was low-key at home as Olivia has a pretty strong cold and lots of coughing, but low-key is not a bad thing! My mom always told me that what you're doing at the new year is indicative of how the new year is going to she always tried to get all the laundry done - haha. I started trying to get all the laundry done......but then I thought "Who am I kidding.....we're a family of 5 with 3 kids three and under.......of course the year is going to be filled with laundry!" - haha.
So here I sit.........Christmas has passed....the new year is here.....and I have one more day off before vacation is over. I'm trying to hold off the "going back to work blues" - haha! But! It's been an awesome couple of weeks and we're looking forward to big things in 2012!

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