Friday, December 18, 2009

Look who's walking! And who else is standing!

We've had a big night here the week before Christmas. We went to Grandma's house to celebrate her birthday and while we were there the girls decided it was time to do some big things.

It started out with this one......
Miss Olivia. She's been practicing and practicing her standing and this evening she stood up by herself with purpose and kept her balance! As always, I said "Olivia - can you stand up?" and she stands up in the middle of the floor! (Of course you know we didn't have the camera ready). We went crazy with the clapping and the yay's.

Not to be outdone, Miss Sofia decides that today is the day she is going to walk!!!!!!!!!!! For the past couple of weeks, she's been doing well to walk between me and D and with each pass between us we would back up so she would walk a little further. She always did well so we knew she could walk - it was just convincing her that walking should be her primary mode of transportation.

Apparently good ole' sibling rivalry does the trick. D stood her up and said "Walk to Mommy" so as she got closer I kept moving back.....and back....and back until she had walked all the way around the room. I was able to move away from her and she just kept on going!
And she was so proud of herself!! She walked all over Grandma's living room.....took a few tumbles (much to mommy's horror!) and stood right back up and started walking again. We couldn't believe it -- we all were going crazy clapping for her. Aunt R and Uncle C were there with Carter and they got to see her walk as well. It was pretty awesome!
She even got a little daring and tried drinking and walking...........
She's been toddling all over the place now --- there's no going back! I'm interested to see if she chooses to walk when we're not coaxing her to stand up and walk - I think she will. D was going to bed tonight and Sofia came walking through the foyer with a huge grin on her face.
Very cool......we are so proud!
Happy Birthday, Grandma.....milestone gifts from both girls!!

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