Thursday, September 1, 2011

Clean up on aisle 7!

Ohmigoodness. I just can't seem to get back to blogging. And I have tons of things to say! Work has.......I guess it's finally slowed down.....except that it's slowed down while I'm in another state - haha. But it's all good.

So. It finally happened. What finally happened, you may be asking? Well I'll tell you. It's been a long time since we've talked here about potty training.......and that's a good thing. It's all good on the potty training front. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be....but I think it's because everyone involved was ready. I was ready to take it on. And.....D would argue.....I also went back to work after the first week of PTBC where I was on vacation. Ha! But the girls have been doing well. They usually tell us when they have to go. We're still doing the pull-ups at night (although we have these great zip-up plastic covers for their mattresses) and we still use them at nap time because they've developed this habit of getting out of their beds and going to our room and sleeping in ours for nap time......and I refuse to encase our mattress in plastic! But they usually wake up dry from both. Public places have been great as well. Except for the fact that we visit every.single.restroom in every.single.location we visit. But hey....that beats the alternative, right?!!

An then we get to this past Saturday.

We're in Target and the girls are happily walking along (Oh! Did I tell you that we're working on getting rid of the stroller for the big girls?! I know.) and we're letting them help us pick items off the shelves. As I'm squatting down to look at something on a lower shelf, I realize Sofia is standing there and not picking out the item I was pointing to. And then I realize she's staring down at her feet. And the big puddle that's forming at her feet. And the conversation goes something like this:

Me: "Sofia! What are you doing? STOP!"

Sofia: more staring. the puddle keeps growing.

Me: "Sofia! You need to tell me when you have to go to the potty!"

Sofia: who has finally finished "Don't worry, Mommy. We can buy some new panties here. Don't worry!" {insert big sweet smile}

Um. Yeah. That's all - we can just buy new panties! Problem solved! Except that it's Mommy who has to explain to the Target employee what just happened......and Mommy and Daddy who have to smile at all the other customers walking by. You know. Because it's not enough attention to have twins...and a baby!

Luckily. Um. Did I just say that? Luckily?? Sofia happened to be wearing a dress with leggings underneath so I rush her out to the car where I had extra panties (that we didn't have to buy!) and tons of wipes. I truly wasn't that upset....I was calmy wiping her legs down and she goes:

"Thanks, Mommy. Thank you for cleaning off my legs. I sorry I pee-pee'd in my panties. I sorry, Mommy."

How do you stay upset at that????!!!! So I reassure her that Mommy's not angry - it was an accident - and we talk about how we're supposed to let Mommy or Daddy know before we have to go potty so we can make it to the bathroom.

So. Hopefully we've gotten the public accident thing out of the way and we can get back to visiting every.single.restroom in ever.single.location we visit, right??!!!

That was Saturday. Then on Sunday, I had to leave to go out of town. I was saying goodbye to the girls and told them Mommy had to go to work in Alabama......

Me: "Okay, girls. Mommy has to leave to go to work and I won't be home for 3 night-nights. I have to go to Alabama. Do you know where that is?"

Olivia: "I don't know, Mommy. Where did you put it?"

Now on the list.....searching for a wooden puzzle of the states!


Jessica said...

So cute!! Don't you LOVE preschooler conversations??? Can you believe our kids are PRESCHOOLERS???

Cincerely said...

If you'd just do your shopping in PetSmart, they are all set up for the puddles in the aisle! LOL. Let me know when you remember where you put Alabama -- hopefully before the USC vs Alabama game. :)