Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day

It's the first day of pre-school. It's all about the 3's. 3 years old. 3K. 3 days a week! Here's the best picture D could get.....our camera has something wrong with the we had to settle for the cell phone. Add in two 3-year olds who don't like posing for the camera and [poof] blurry first day picture!
That's okay, though. They're still cute! Sofia has her (only) favorite shirt on "Because, Daddy, pink is my favorite color!" Goodness knows what we're going to do when she outgrows that shirt! Find another one, I'm hoping!!

I'm working out of town so Daddy had to lead the charge in picking out the first day outfits. It's a little cool so long pants were in order.....and I was afraid they weren't going to fit, but it looks like they're still fine. Whew! You can imagine the horror, though, as I listened to D tell me they didn't want their tennis shoes or any other shoes. They wanted their Cwocks! That, so much, wasn't the was when he told me they were wearing said Cwocks with socks. It's like a bad Dr. Seuss story!! Hahaha. But D's was get them out the door kicking and screaming or give in to the Cwocks with socks and have happy kids walk happily out the door!

Aaaaaand happily out the door is about as far as the happy went. D said once they realized they were being left at school, they cried. I know it was hard for him to walk down the hall hearing the girls cry for him. But I'm proud of him.....I just called to check in and he was home. With Bella. And he didn't go back and get the girls and take them home with him.

So it begins. A new "school" year with a new teacher and new friends. I know D is thankful for the few hours of down time during those days. Bella is still home, but going from 3 to 1 for a few hours is definitely down time. Although Bella has now figured out that interesting things exist other places than at her level on the floor so she's starting to pull up on everything. It's quite cute, but we're going to have to get creative to figure out how to limit her to certain areas in the house. Amazing how quickly we've forgotten what we used to do with the girls once they were mobile!

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