Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So here we are.......the end of day 3 of potty training boot camp (PTBC). I'm going to jinx myself but I have to say's going much better than I was expecting. Now don't go mistaking that for my saying it's been easy.......because it definitely hasn't been easy. But. This time we were ready. It's amazing what being in the right frame of mind will do for you!

Just like anything else.....two steps forward and one step back. But we'll take it. I think the girls have really gotten the hang of it --- it's just getting them to pay attention and understand that the toys will still be there when they get back from the bathroom - haha.

So! We'll move along to day 4. Another day under their belts.......and one more day closer to my going back to work, which D is kinda dreading. I have to say.......I'm terrified I'm going to head back to work on Monday still in potty training mode........

"Yes - we can talk about the test plan on those key controls but first I have to go pee-pee in the potty."

Wouldn't that be just fabulous??

I have to say. I told a friend today that I've never been big on talking about bodily functions so this week has taken me waaaay outside of my comfort zone - ha! When D and I would dream about having kids, not once did I ever picture myself sitting on a stool next to the toilet talking about how 'the white paper is going to get all the yellow pee-pee'. And let's not even talk about the conversations we've had around poop this week. But hey --- at least those conversations were also while I was sitting on a stool next to the toilet so that's a big step forward - hahaha.

And although this week has been designated for PTBC, we've still been having some summer fun. Since it's been so hot during the day, we try to play outside early in the morning before lunch. Grandma bought the girls a water mat and it's a perfect way to let them get used to the water again........ (Sofia's in the red bow, Olivia's in the green bow):

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