Friday, February 25, 2011

"She looks perfect!" - a.k.a. post # 500!!

Words we all like to hear, right? And it's exactly what I heard when I took Bella for her 4-month check-up yesterday afternoon. I mean....I know she's was just nice to be validated, ya know?!? In all seriousness, though. After going through physical therapy with the big girls, I'm super sensitive to the whole "tummy time so their head stays round-strengthen the abs-strengthen the neck-because they need those muscles to crawl" thing. And Isabella hates tummy time. There's no other word to describe it but pure hate. She's good for maybe 5 minutes before she gets so mad it takes 45 minutes to calm her down. So we've been trying tummy time in small amounts many times throughout the day and I was anxious to her what her pediatrician thought, both about our approach and about Bella's progress. And the verdict?? She's perfect!

So! How about some stats. Remember THE rolls? I wasn't kidding! Miss Bella weighed in at a healthy 16lbs and she was 26 1/4" long. Her last check-up was at 2 mos and she weighed 12.5lbs. That's THREE AND A HALF POUNDS in two months! I know, I know -- it's all normal. I just can't get over it!! The nurse and pediatrician both commented, before they knew how long she was, that she looked tall.

Here's a fun comparison. I found the post I wrote about the girls when they went for their 9-month check-up almost two years ago. When the girls were 9mos old, Olivia weighed in at 16lbs and Sofia at 15lbs and they were both 26" long. Seriously!! Even when you adjust their age for being born 2.5 months early, that's 6 1/2 months compared to Bella's 4 with almost exactly the same stats. I'm thinking she's going to catch up to her sisters and then I'll be answering questions about my triplets - haha! While it's obvious that it would be different, it's so amazing to me how different our experience with Bella is!
Adorable, no?! So. We keep doing what we're doing and Bella goes back for another check-up at 6 months. We're going to keep up her reflux meds until then and try to wean her off after that. We're also free to try rice cereal by spoon if we'd like, but at this point it's more for the experience for Bella and not necessary for nutrition. Then at 5 months we can start fruits. Wow. I don't know if I'm ready for that!!

In other news, as I was starting this post, I realized it is post number 500!! I can't believe I've had enough to say to fill 500 posts!.......What's that?.......You're not sure I really have had enough to say to fill 500 posts?!?!?! haha. least my kids are cute!!

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