Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 month check-up

We took the girls today for their 9-month check up with their pediatrician. They were so good! We did all the preliminary stuff -- weight and height -- and then they played until the doctor came in.

Olivia weighed 16lbs even and was 26" long. That's about a 3lb gain over her 6-month check-up -- chunking up! Sofia weighed 14lb 15-and-that-oh-so-crucial-six-tenths -- haha! In my world we round up so Sofia was 15lbs. That's also about a 3lb gain over her 6-month check-up. She's also 26" long. So big!

While we waited for the doctor, the girls were sitting on the table facing eachother and they had a strand of links they were sharing. It was so interesting to watch --- they started off each holding an end of the strand with the same hand (same hand since they were facing eachother- but a left for one and right for the other) and they would shake the links. Then they would transfer the links to their other hand and shake-shake-shake. Transfer back to the previous hand and shake-shake-shake. It was so interesting because they were watching eachother and transferring from hand to hand at the same time. That continued for a bit and then, in between transfers, both girls would bring the link to their mouth like they were going to chew on it as they were completing the transfer to the other hand. Again - watching eachother and doing the same thing at the same time. I so wish I had our video camera to capture that.

Anyhow! The girls look "fantastic" to quote our doctor. We asked a few developmental and feeding questions and she tested their hemoglobin to determine if we could take them off of the iron supplement they've been getting (every day) since birth. The nurses had to prick their fingers and we were prepared for tears, but we were surprised when there were none. None. Nada. In fact, both girls just looked at the nurse with this look that said "Really?" - haha.

That's all for now! More pictures soon! Until next time!

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