Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holy roll-y

You've read about Isabella's rolls.....but have you seen them??!!!! They're just.....edible, I tell you! So much so they needed their own blog post. So without further delay........

Don't you think her expression is like "Really, Mom? You're seriously going to do this??" Yes, my dear....I most certainly am! I mean just look at these legs.....

E.D.I.B.L.E. You should see her without her diaper -- more rolls! But no......I do have some idea of when to stop. Usually. Like when D is telling me I'm not posting pictures of our daughter's hiney on the internet. Ahem.
So there you have it......THE rolls. I couldn't get her to stop kicking long enough for me to get the little rolls on her toes!
And what, you're asking, were the "big" girls doing while I was snapping away at Bella's rolls? Let me show you:

Those, my friends, are the faces of 2 little girls who skipped their nap and are now exhausted from all the fresh air they had while outside on this unusually gorgeous January day! Skipping the nap was a little painful as the evening wore on, but it did mean that bedtime came an hour earlier.....and boy were they ready!

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