Monday, February 28, 2011

One of these things..... not like the other. One of these things......just doesn't belong...........
I was going through my gazillion pictures looking for ones to load to my digital picture frame and I came across a few I had forgotten about. Including this one. Funny, no? Yeah. You're laughing, too. Unless, of course, you don't know which one doesn't belong.........hmmm.

So we're back to the swing of things. It's week 3 of work for me and I'm thankful that my evenings haven't been too late. I expect that to change. Like tomorrow. But that's okay. I mean I did take almost half a year off. Ahem.

So the girls are saying the funniest things lately. Sometimes it's just funny because it sounds coming from their little mouths. I thought I'd share:

"Mommy.....I can't fly either. I don't have wings." (Olivia as we were watching an airplane flying across the sky).

"Mommy - I love medicine!" (Sofia) "Mommy! I love medicine, too! I need more medicine!" (Olivia)

"Mommy - you going shopping?" (as I'm leaving for work.) "No, sweetie, I'm going to work." "I gotta go work, too!" (Sofia)

"Andra......are you Mommy?" (Olivia)

"I'm a princess!" (Says Olivia as I'm getting her dressed). "Sofia's not a princess." (oh it starting that soon??!!)

"Mommy, I so pretty!" (Sofia)

"Look......these are my coke-y dots" (says Olivia about the polka dots on her shirt)

"I need another shopping" (both girls after we were in the car from leaving the mall)

"What's the friends doing?" (both girls call any group of people friends)

"Guys! Guys! What you doing here?" (Sofia)

"Olivia - stop screaming, please." (Sofia)

"Mommy......I wanna go time out!" (Sofia. I guess we need to find another method of discipline)

"Where's my Livie?" (Sofia waking up from a nap and not seeing Olivia in her bed)

And finally: The girls were playing and I heard Sofia say "Oh my God!" I have no idea where she got that because neither D nor I say that around them (and I'm hoping not at all!). So I said to the girls "We don't say that. We say 'oh my goodness'". A few days later, Sofia says it again and before I can say anything to her, Olivia goes "No, Pia, we don't say 'Oh my God', we say oh my goodness" and Sofia goes "Yes, Livie, I say oh my goodness." "Oh my goodness!"

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Cincerely said...

I vote that the plunger/syringe looking this doesn't belong....cause if you have those bottles/sippie cups, you need wine, right?!