Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy 3 months, Bella!

Even though we're just finishing up the first quarter of her first year (spoken like a true accountant, eh?!), Isabella's first year sure is flying by. I'm not sure which is faster....time or the rate she's growing! We don't have another doctor's visit for a few more weeks so I don't have an exact weight for this month, but I'm guessing she's in the 14lb range. I'll have to do a post on her leg rolls!

So in keeping with what has become a monthly tradition (you can see months 1 and 2 here and here), here's Isabella at 3 months. I think I'll show the progression at 6 mos and then again at 1 year....I may cry if I start doing it now - haha!
So what's going on with Bella at three months, you may ask? Well let's see.........
* she's sleeping through the night fairly consistently, although we're still working on the starting bed time.
* she's such a smiley baby --- my favorite start to the day is getting her from her crib and she's looking up at me with a huge smile and her arms and legs kicking like she's sprinting.
* she's starting to find her voice -- when she's laying on the changing table we "chat"...which involves me talking in a really high voice and making goofy faces, and she smiles, kicks and coos. She's also started screeching - it's quite hilarious! I'm trying to get it on video but whenever I have the camera out she stops what she's doing and stares at me!
*she's starting to figure out she has a tongue and she does the funniest things.......
* she hates tummy time. we've had to be creative in the things we do to get her working on holding her head up from being on her stomach. Even though she hates it, she's definitely showing progress.
* she's doing so well holding her head up in an upright position that we've brought out the bumbo seat............
* she's found her hands which make a good substitute when there's not a pacifier around. A few times I've caught her sucking her thumb.
* she's started tracking people and objects - when any of us walk by her, she usually turns her head to follow us as we go by.
Wow -- Isabella has had a busy month! It's nice to report something other than "she's sleeping and eating!" although I know that means she's growing.......sniff, sniff!
She absolutely loves her big sisters. When they hear her crying, they'll go over to her and she usually stops and will smile at them. Totally melts my heart!
Happy 3 months, Bella!!

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