Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

It's Daddy's birthday today!!
After a little bit of convincing, Olivia and Sofia finally stopped singing "Happy Birthday" to Grandma and started singing to Daddy. Although as we were talking about it when they were in the bathtub last night, they insisted on making a (bubble) birthday cake for Grandma. I'm sure Daddy was fine holding out for the real thing today - ha!

Daddy wanted pizza and cake at home with family tonight so Aunt R and Tia E came over along with all the cousins so Olivia and Sofia were in heaven.

Olivia wanted to help blow out the candles...
And they were really excited about eating some birthday cake. We actually had 2 birthday cakes!
It was a great birthday celebration!
Happy Birthday, D --- I love you!

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