Saturday, December 18, 2010

Happy birthday Grandma!

It's Grandma's birthday today and we celebrated at our house with dinner, presents and, of course, cake. I practiced all day with the girls to sing "Happy Birthday".....and they did a great rendition of it when they were in the bathtub this afternoon. But when it came time to show off what we had worked on, all they could do was stare at the cake and remind us how much they love birthday cake - haha! Most of the pictures from the birthday celebration are on my sister's camera so I'll have to post those later. However -- you can see how things went once we sliced the cake.........
They both finished off 2 (very small) pieces and still wanted more. Sofia pushed her plate across the counter towards the cake and Olivia (in the green bow) told me "Mommy, I need more cake please." Wow. She broke out the please unprompted............but I'm sorry to say it still didn't get her a third piece!!

So it's a big night for Miss Bella who will be spending her first night in her bed. I've been going back and forth on this one....about when she's old enough to be in her bed and away from me. I know she's fine...I'm the one who may or may not be ready. But today I noticed that she just doesn't nap very well in her pack-n-play downstairs because the girls always bother I decided we needed to let her nap in her room. Then I started thinking if she's napping in her room, she should sleep there, too, to minimize the confusion. I think I'm ready........we shall see!

It's also a big anniversary day of was on my mom's birthday last year that Sofia started walking! And the day after when Olivia started walking. On the one hand, I can't believe it's only been a year since they started walking (even though that's half their life - ha!)......on the other hand, watching them run around the house this evening, it seems like it's been way more than a year that they've been walking. They've changed so much in a year - I can't believe it.

So! Happy birthday, Mom (Grandma!) We love you!

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