Saturday, September 11, 2010


We've had some success this weekend................
That's right.......Sofia is finally interested in the potty! You'll remember this post where we started talking about potties. Yeah - so I decided to return those (unused, of course). We had them sitting in the kitchen and the hall bathroom was just feet away. Why do we want to do all that cleaning up after using the portable ones when we can take a few steps and have the real thing?!?! D thought it would be more fun to have Dora on the seats so we bought the little seats for downstairs and upstairs.
We've yet to start boot camp but each day, throughout the day, we would ask the girls if they would have to go. We thought we had a breakthrough several days ago when Olivia announced "Pee-pee potty!" and walked to the bathroom door. Yes ma'am! So I sat her on the potty....and we sat......and sat. She pointed out everything in the bathroom.....she talked about getting candy (yes.....we're going to bribe our children with an M&M or two).......but no action. So I get her down and she takes off. And of course she proceeds to pee in the kitchen. I guess 15 minutes of sitting wasn't enough!
Sofia didn't express interest and even went so far as to say"No thanks" when we asked her if she had to go. So yesterday when I got home from work, Sofia was in the bathroom and D tells me she asked to go. We trade places and I sit with her......she points out everything in the bathroom and then........success!!!!!!!!! Of course we made a HUGE deal of it and she got the proudest look on her face and said "I did it!!!" So we reward her with praise and 2 M&Ms.
Fifteen minutes later, Sofia is standing at the bathroom door "Mommy.....pee-pee potty!" I say "Do you have to go to the potty?" Sofia nods and gives an emphatic "Uh-huh!" I'm doubtful, but she's finally asking and you can't not take her, you know??!!! So she sits. I sit (not so comfy for me these days!)......she points out everything in the bathroom and then asks for candy. Um. No ma'am -- that's not how it works. And then.......success again!! I couldn't believe it.
She's definitely figured out the reward system because we've had several trips to the potty today where we have the same everything you see in the bathroom and then ask for candy. I must say, though, a majority of the time we have a successful trip. We're so proud of her!
Olivia's not yet interested, although she asks for candy after Sofia is finished in the bathroom - haha. Nice try, Livie!!

Oh. And another reward?? Flushing!

We have a long way to go, but we're off to a decent start, I think!


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Awesome. So many milestones already achieved...and so many more to go.