Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our next big adventure

Since the big girl beds are going so well, we decided it was time to start our next big adventure.......
That's right......the potty. (Insert scary music here). I don't know if I just have a bad memory or what, but after we make it through each big phase or milestone, I tend to look back and think "Well that wasn't so bad". This is probably the first big thing where I'm quite nervous going in. But! It has to be done and there's no time like get started, right??!!

I'm not sure the girls are really ready to begin, but we thought we'd have the potties in the house for the girls to start getting familiar with them and maybe that will increase their interest. We have an Elmo DVD about potty time on deck.....we've not watched it yet. To be honest - I'm a little scared of that one.....I don't want the girls to develop an obsession with that crazy red puppet......we have enough with Dora and I'm not sure how I'd feel having to play a potty time DVD over and over in the car. Ha!

So I bring the potties home yesterday and we made a big deal about them and talked about them for quite a bit ("No no, Honey, we do not pick up the potties." "Sofia - Mommy said to please not pick up the potty - it's not a toy" "Olivia - Mommy asked you to not take the potty apart - it's not a toy.") - haha. We went on to dinner after our big introduction and when I looked back in to the living room (not the normal location for said potties, btw), I found Miss Sofia.................
Practicing. Well...."practicing"....she's wearing her diaper and shorts. With a book. Someone must be a natural, eh? We laughed so hard....she sat there, read her book and then went on her way. Hey -- it's a start, right? Not too bad for day one.
A bit later, Grandma arrived and Miss Olivia just couldn't wait to show Grandma our newest purchase. I said "Olivia, show Grandma what we do with the potties." and she brought Grandma to the living room and took a seat. She was carrying on quite the conversation, most of which we didn't quite follow, but I imagine she was telling Grandma all about the potty....and what we do and don't do with the potty. Haha - hey - I can hope, can't I??!!

So there you have it. I'm sure this one will be quite a ride!!

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Jessica said...

Such fast learners! And be sure to send plenty of tips our direction...:)