Monday, September 13, 2010


We were trying out our new backpacks we're going to start taking to MMO and the girls were walking around the house holding hands. At one point, Olivia (in green below) tripped over something while they were walking and Sofia goes "Are you okay, Oliv-a?" and Olivia goes "I'm okay, Pia, I'm okay."

Melt my heart!!

I know I won't have the pictures of them holding hands while walking in to the church, but we sure can practice!!!
Oh. And in my efforts to expand beyond pink (you try to find things for little girls that are not pink! it's harder than you think!), I thought purple would be great. What I missed was the Dora connection. That talking backpack she carries is purple so when I opened to box and pulled the girls' bags out, they yelled, in unison, "Backpack! Backpack!" - hahaha! Oh what a cool Mommy I am. Even if it was a total accident - ha!

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