Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh baby.....again! (And a funny story!)

Babies babies everywhere! I finally have permission to share the exciting news that my sister is expecting a baby!!! Carter's going to be a big brother! And she's due on my birthday....even better. I've been waiting to be able to share her great news because our family is so excited but I have to be honest. I've really been waiting so I could share this funny story.

So my sister and her husband told Carter that mommy had a baby in her belly just like me. After a few rounds of "no you don't" and then "when are you going to pop that baby out of your belly?", he was finally on board with this whole brother / sister thing. (I'm waiting for the questions. You remember. That'll make a great story, too!!)

So a day or so later after learning he's going to be a big brother, my sister and parents were in the car with Carter, not talking about the baby at all and the following conversation happened.....

Carter: "Mommy......can I pick out the name if I have a brother or sister?"

Sis: "Um. Okay. What would you pick?"

Carter: "If it's a boy, I want to name him Sam."

Sis (to herself): That's actually a cute name for a boy!

Sis: "That's cute, Carter. And what if it's a girl?"

Carter: "If it's a girl, I want to name her Oreo!!"


I did have to tell my sister that someone in our neighborhood had stolen her baby name, though. I got an email that one of the neighbors had lost their new kitten, Oreo.

Oh well. I guess it's back to the name book, right??!!!!

So yes. Another grandbaby for our parents. That will be 5 grandkids under the age of 5. Oh wow!!

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Cincerely said...

Congrats to R! And your poor parents....I mean that somewhat literally. 5 under 5 will kill anyone's wallet. LOL. I know that they are tickled to death!