Thursday, September 9, 2010

Say what?

The girls were walking around the house repeating something over and over. And I was trying my hardest to figure out what they were saying. Sofia would say it......then Olivia.......then Sofia.......then Olivia. Over and over. I finally asked D to see if he could translate.

Me: "Honey -- for the life of me I can't figure out what the girls are saying. See if you can..."

D listens and says "Oh yeah -- they're saying hic-boom-ahhh" You know -- like I should know what that means.

Me: "Oh. And what exactly does that mean?"

D: "Nothing -- those are Benny's hiccups."

Me: " Huh?"

D: "Benny's hiccups. Dora's friend, Benny the Bull, had hiccups on the show today and they're hiccuping like Benny."

Oh. Well okay then. And since then, every now and then, I'll randomly hear Benny's hiccups around the house.

Hilarious, right??!!

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