Monday, September 27, 2010

Hilarious (and a baby update)

Excuse the quality of this picture - I took it with my bberry and the flash didn't go off - but it was too funny not to share. This is Sofia. And Barley.....poor Barley!
The girls were absolutely hilarious last night. We laughed so hard I thought it was going to send me to the hospital. Usually the girls pretty much ignore Barley. He's mostly noticed at meals because he can be found sitting at one or both chairs just waiting for little hands to drop food to the floor (or for little hands to hold food too close to his face....for which he gets in much trouble!). Otherwise - they'll notice him every now and then and will toss his toys and laugh as he fetches.

Last night, however, Sofia was standing in front of me at the couch and I noticed she was bouncing up and down saying "bouncy bouncy bouncy!" Turns out she was sitting on Barley and bouncing and he wasn't moving an inch. We chuckled and that was all she needed to keep going. Once Barley noticed, he got up and moved and Sofia followed. She sat down on him and it was just enough for me to snap the picture above before Barley again got up and moved. Sofia was smart - she still had her footing so Barley didn't throw her off when he moved. By this time we're laughing harder so Sofia continues to follow him around the house. Poor Barley couldn't find peace anywhere! Olivia had joined in by this time and what really sent us over the edge with laughter was the girls following the dog around the living room and kitchen going "Come 'ere,'s okay......come 'ere!" Knowing it really wasn't okay! I guess he's earned a place on the comfy couch, right?!!

I had another good visit with the doctor today. My contractions have really been under control this week and I've had no change from last week so bed rest is exactly what I needed to keep things in check. 34 weeks tomorrow -- goal!! Now it's really just keeping things under control as long as possible. I did ask my doctor today how things would proceed from here. She let me know she will continue medical intervention until 37 weeks as any time from 37 weeks on is considered full-term. At 37 weeks I'll stop the meds and Isabella will be here when she's ready. (My guess is not too long after we stop the meds since I can tell, now, when it's time for my next dose). However, she also let me know that, if I were to start having breakthrough contractions any time between now and 37 weeks, she'll put me in the hospital and try to stop them with IV fluids and some combination of procardia / brethine, but she will not go to the extreme and use magnesium sulfate. If she can't stop them with additional doses of the 2 meds I've already had, she'll go ahead and deliver. That was such a relief to hear. I was on magnesium sulfate 2 or 3 times with the girls (usually 2-3 days at a time) and man that stuff is brutal. I didn't even have as severe of a reaction to it as everyone told me I would have -- in a lot of people it totally puts them "out of it" to where they can't get out of bed or even sit up. To everyone's surprise, I was able to get out of bed (although they wouldn't let me unattended) but it made me extremely hot. If you visited me in the hospital when I was pregnant with the girls, you either froze or remembered to bring your was usually a cool 68 degrees (well...I wasn't cool, but still!). And that was before magnesium sulfate.....when I was on mag, I was asking for ice packs!!

So! Thank goodness we won't be doing that again. And I'm okay with that......and D is really okay with that - haha! Poor guy - I'm already freezing him out of the house! So the charge is keep doing what I'm doing and I'll go back next week. I scheduled the next 6 weekly visits through 40 weeks. Anyone wanna place bets on how far we'll go??!!!

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