Friday, September 24, 2010

So stinkin' cute

Sofia (I was blocking her view to Dora and she wasn't so happy with me!):
And thank goodness they're so stinkin' cute because boy are we big into the terrible twos!! I guess I can't really judge just how big because I don't really have much to compare it to, but holy cow. I've heard so many people, especially those with multiples, say they look back on the first year and say "Thank goodness that's over." I think we may be saying that after the second year. Although.......I'm also hearing that 3 is the "new" 2. If that's the case....I'm totally scared.
The big thing right now is the whining. From the moment they get up, I can hear them over the monitor with D........"Daaaaddy." "Go downstaaaaaaaaairs" "Miiiiiiilk". Tears come so easy and not a day goes by without one or the other, if not both, collapsing into a heap on the floor in protest of something. Don't get me wrong -- they're happy kids and there's also not a day that goes by where we don't laugh at the funny things they say and/or do and talk about how stinkin' cute they are, but wow. Sometimes it's hard to not focus on the whining.
And the listening. Or lack thereof. I go through phases of understanding........sometimes I tell myself "They're only two.....they're really just learning about rules and following directions, outside the 'no-no's' they get when they're doing something that could be harmful for them" and on other days, I'm telling myself "Come on.....they're TWO. They know exactly what I'm asking / telling them!"
This, too, shall pass ---- and I think it's mostly me who has to make it pass because they're just doing what all two year olds do, right?!!
Besides.........look at those sweet little can you resist all that cuteness??!!!!!! I certainly can't!!

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