Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stall tactics

Guess who had a great day at school today!!

D said neither one cried when he got them out of the car. Olivia whined a little bit because she didn't have her blanket, but they made it inside and to the classroom tear free. They have started meeting the parents at the classroom door and asking the parents to say goodbye at the door versus coming into the classroom -- so one of the teachers took Sofia and when she stepped into the classroom, Sofia wiggled in her arms to get down. She put Sofia down and Sofia went right into the classroom......with NO tears!!!!! Olivia got a little teary but she never broke down into full crying mode. Can I get a WOOOOO HOOOOOO!

It was a great day. They did well with all the activities and we learned both girls are good listeners. We were particularly interested in that because we feel like they choose to not listen at home quite a bit. Stickers all around today......it was a great day and we are so proud of them!!

So about the stall tactics. I know I shouldn't be amazed at the things the girls learn (good and not so good), but I can't help it. We'll file their latest under "not so good" as they've figured out ways to start stalling bedtime.......and the one that really hits home is the potty. While we've not started "potty training boot camp", we ask the girls if they have to go and when they talk about the potty we definitely take them. They're still not very interested during the day, but guess when they're extremely interested in the potty...........mmmmhmmmm. Bedtime.

D and I both agree we should take the girls whenever they ask, but we both also agree the girls have figured this one out! As I'm typing, I'm listening to D trying to put the girls to bed and over the monitor I hear lots of crying and "Daddy....potty." Now before you go and feel all sorry for them......they were given the chance to go before we changed diapers and put on pajamas and we were met with very polite "No thank you!" and "No, later!". My girls are nothing if not polite!!!!! Of course D lets them try and I know they're disappointed when it's right back to bed!!

And don't think he's getting off that easy! Now I've heard D close the gate in their doorway to leave them and the girls, although not crying, are getting their Daddy to come back one more time with pleas of "Daddy, help you!" "Daddy, help you please!!!" What do they want?? They have gotten out of their beds and are laying in the doorway to their room.......because that's where they like to fall asleep......and they would like their Daddy to please come back and cover them up with their favorite blankets.

Tugging at Daddy's heartstrings.........sneaky, sneaky!! That earns them a few more seconds of Daddy time and as Daddy is coming back downstairs, all I hear over the monitor is lullaby music. We totally have to laugh at their stalling efforts because it's quite sneaky.......and it definitely works!! I wonder what they'll come up with next........

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