Thursday, September 23, 2010

Um....excuse me

I've taken up residence on our couch. I've been sleeping there for a while because it's been the only place I can get really comfortable and I don't roll onto my back in the middle of the night (which usually causes contractions). It also keeps me off the stairs and I can conveniently refill my water bottle with only a slight detour from the bathroom. All good, right? So we've made it quite comfy with an extra "egg crate" and plenty of pillows and it's working pretty well.

So well, as a matter of fact, that I find I have constant competition for my comfy space.................
Yeah. It's not the toddlers I'm having to fend off. And I kid you not --- it's a constant battle with Barley. It takes a lot of moving around for me to get comfortable but Barley just waits patiently and hops up once I'm settled. It's like he knows that once I get comfortable it's going to take something huge for me to move.....and that's usually not him - haha. When I do happen to get up, I always come back to find he's moved to where I was just laying. Funny most of the time......not so much when I wake up at 2am because he's laying across my legs and blocking most of the air from the nice little fan my mom brought over - haha!!

Oh well - we'll work through it. Usually by my letting him win - haha.

Things seem to be going well -- I'm hanging in there and counting the days until 34 weeks (5!) and our next goal. Boredom comes and goes and daytime television isn't great but I have sudoku and logic problems to keep my mind working - ha! I had a good visit with the doctor on Monday and have had no change since last week which means any contractions I've had since last Wednesday haven't been "productive". Awesome.

The girls are doing great. D took them this morning for MMO so the house is quiet. They're getting better at going. They still refuse to walk from the car to the classroom but today D said they almost made it all the way to the classroom without crying --- progress!!! And Tuesday when D picked them up, he was told they had a really good day, which we were so glad to hear!! We think if Olivia wouldn't get so upset then Sofia would probably be okay. She's a little more easy going than Olivia and calms down a little more quickly. But! They're having an easier time calming down after we leave them and usually participate in all the activities so we're pleased. The Director of the program told us they had space in the Wednesday class if we wanted to think about bringing them T-W-Th to help them get into more of a routine. We're considering it -- we haven't made a decision just yet, but it's worth thinking about. We knew we wanted to go 3 days next year, but this may be good for them in helping them adapt. We shall see!

So there you have it. An update from the couch. Now if you'll excuse me I have to try to take back my pillows from Barley!

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Beth said...

Renie Raney sent me your blog last year while I was in the hospital on bedrest and I enjoy checking in every now and then to see your cute girls. I'm SO sorry you're on bed rest with Isabella, too! I'll keep saying a prayer you keep her cooking a little longer. Hope you don't get too bored!