Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is Olivia's new word........"Up!" We always say "Can you stand up?" and she says "Up!" and then usually gets up on her knees, holds her arms up and they says "Yay!!". Of course you know how cute that is!!

Then, on Papa's birthday last week, we noticed that she was putting her feet on the floor and pushing herself backwards....

And then.........Up!!

With a little help from Papa in these pictures, but that night (the 25th) she finally did make it to her feet and stand up. We went crazy!!
Since then she's been practicing and practicing and she's getting better. Of course, we still get a half-hearted try where she doesn't even make it off the floor, quickly followed by a big "Yay!!" and Olivia clapping for herself - haha! She's on her way....she just likes to do everything in her own time.

P.S.......... you like?!

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