Friday, December 4, 2009

We've got mad skillz

One of my most favorite toys, a close second behind this one, are the blocks we bought for the girls a few months ago. Just your basic, no frills, wooden, colorful blocks. They have letters.....numbers.......colors........and animals and other objects beginning with whatever letter is on the block. All that learning in one place, I tell you!!

What we've learned is that the girls are quite good at stacking the blocks......see:

We were really surprised at how well they do with this task since it takes some pretty good motor skills to get those blocks to stay and we weren't expecting them to be able to have such a light touch. But alas......they've been stacking away (Olivia's wearing solid pink pants, and Sofia's in the dots)!
D and I have both watched Sofia stack the blocks nine high....and the only reason she doesn't get 10 is because she can't reach high enough when she's sitting down to get #10 on the top! And Olivia is funny --- when she puts her blocks on, she presses down to make sure it's staying know....a little force to make sure it's going to stay - haha!
Of course an even better game for the girls is knocking down what they (or we) build and it's hilarious how they do it.....with their hands.....heads....riding toys. Ah my creative little ones!
Oh. And we won't even go there with their most recent skill.......throwing.

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