Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reaching new heights, part II

Remember when Sofia did this for the first time?? Today Olivia decided it was time to join her sister in reaching new heights and she climbed the stairs for the very first time!! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera handy....the first time she did it was when we were on our way upstairs to get ready to head out, and the next time was at my mom's house. But trust me when I tell you she's quite the pro. I think she really studies Sofia and gets it together before she gives it a try --- she can match Sofia on the stairs already. The funniest thing, though, is not only can she climb up the stairs......she also learned how to go down them, too. She was hilarious -- she would get to the top, crawl a little way down the hallway or through the living room and then look back over her shoulder and start backing up. When she got the the stairs, she started going down them backwards and on her tummy (which is how we were going to teach them to go down the stairs). can probably guess what we did this afternoon........up...down...up....down...repeat,repeat, repeat, repeat.

Not to be outdone......this evening I had Olivia sitting on the bathroom counter as I was brushing her teeth and I hear D and Sofia coming down the hall. I looked up to see Sofia toddling down the hall.....she's walking and she's only holding one of D's hands. One hand!! I had to do a double take because she was walking and holding his hand like she's been doing it all it was no big deal.

Another great weekend coming to a close. The girls are out. I think D is out also. D and I had a spontaneous date night on Friday night (thanks, Grandma!)......dinner and then some early Christmas shopping. I have 2 weeks of vacation coming for Christmas and my goal is to be finished with all Christmas related shopping / errands / preparations before I start vacation. Think I can do it? We shall see!

Closing, now, with a couple of pictures from last week. This house was a birthday gift from Aunt R (we now like to call her Aunt Ra-Ra) and the girls love love love it. It is, by far, their most favorite toy. Now that they're cruising and interacting with one another, they've caught on to the game of peek-a-boo with eachother and it is heartwarmingly hilarious. See for yourself.......

It's also cute to see one of them peek around the side as they're walking around and around.....I saw Sofia peek around and say "baaaa!" (Boo!) and start giggling when Olivia turned around and saw her. I could sit and watch for hours!!

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