Sunday, December 6, 2009

No touch, please

That's what we've been saying all weekend. Why, you may ask?

Oh yes. We put up the Christmas tree. We knew the lights and the shiny, hanging ornaments would be too much for the girls to resist. They are quite the curious ones! They were in bed when D and I decorated but the first thing they did when we got them up the next morning was to make a beeline for the tree...............

We knew that would happen so we carefully selected the ornaments that went near the bottom just in case they could get an ornament off faster than we could say "No touch, please!" and we've already had to chase a few down that made their way off the tree - haha. That's okay, though - it's neat to watch them explore new things. I only hope they get bored with exploring the Christmas tree.....and soon!! In the meantime......"no touch, please!!"

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Jessica said...

I love the pictures of the girls examining the tree with such intensity. Too precious! I only hope ours are just as "cautiously curious" as yours appear to be once our tree is completely decorated!