Thursday, September 17, 2009

"W" sitting and other randomness

It's status quo around here these days and that's a great thing. Fall is in the air and I love love love it! It's probably my most favorite season......followed by winter as a close second. What?!?!?! Yeah - not "normal" probably, but I love a cold, gray winter day......what can I say.

The girls are great and are starting to "talk" up a storm. It's so fun listening to them try to repeat what we say. When I walk into their room in the morning or when I see them when I get home, I usually say "Hi, baby!" to each of them and it's so cute to hear Olivia repeat that. The other morning, I heard her on the monitor and it really did sound like she was saying "Hi, baby!" -- I'm sure it was her way of telling us to come and get her!! It's one of those things that, unless you know how we sound when we say things to the girls, you wouldn't know what they're trying to say because it's not actual words, but more of the tones and pitches of our voices that they are mocking. So cute!!

At the blessing over dinner, Carter always says "Aaaaaaamen" and we catch ourselves saying it with him (it's cute - his blessing is (said really fast) "Lordblessthisfood........Aaaaaaaaaaaamen."). Last night at dinner with Carter we said the blessing and after we all said Aaaaaaamen, Olivia piped in with "Aaaaahhhhhmaaaaaah". We've also realized that if they want food, and most often if they see something they want, they say "Mmmmmmmm"....I think they got that from us -- apparently we say "Mmmmmm" after giving them bites of food when we're spoon feeding them.

We've had a few bumps with toys smacking into heads at the hands of the sister, but Monday we had our first true accident. D brought the girls by my office and while there, Sofia managed to bump her head on the edge of my desk. I didn't see it happen, but I heard the noise -- D and I looked at eachother and Sofia had this shocked look on her face and there were seconds of silence while she gathered her breath to let out one of the loudest wails I've ever heard from her. The only time I've heard her scream louder was in the NICU when she had to have her eyes checked, so it's been a long time. My office door was already closed and I know she could be heard in the office 3 down from me. Poor kid -- we knew she had hit at the top of the eye socket -- right at her eyebrow -- but it wasn't until later when we saw the red mark across the bridge of her nose that we realized that she hit more on her face than further back on her head -- you could connect the red marks and see the angle at which she made contact with the desk. After lots of hugs and about 5 minutes of crying, she was okay and she was fine when I got home. We just knew that she was going to have a black eye the next morning but, much to our surprise, none at all for which we were very thankful!

See this picture:

Olivia is doing what our PT calls "w sitting" where she pushes herself to this sitting position from crawling or from on her tummy and if you look at her from above, her legs look like a "W". It's one of many things we've learned about developing mobility from Olivia's time with the PT. They're not supposed to be in this sitting position, but it's what works for her. As our PT said this past visit, we're just trying to give her more options with sitting the "correct" way. We continue to take her once a week and I think we'll be with him until she's walking. She's working towards it -- she'll go from this sitting position to up on her knees, whether pulling up on something or just sitting in the middle of the floor, and we're starting to see her pick her foot up and place it on the floor where the next motion would be to stand up on that foot. We saw Sofia start that about a week before she started pulling up to standing.

Both girls have more teeth coming in. I've gotten used to not comparing the girls with any kind of development, but it's been so interesting to watch them get the same teeth at the same time. They both have their bottom and top two teeth in the front. Both are still working on the top teeth on either side of the front teeth and now, both also have a tooth coming in on the bottom next to the 2 they already have -- and it's in the same location for each of them. Of all things I would expect getting teeth to be the most random, yet they're matching eachother tooth for tooth. And the teeth are coming in full force --- they had the bottom two for the longest time and over the last month their little mouths have started to fill up! It's cute, they both even have a cute little space between their top front teeth.

Here's a few more "action shots" of the girls -- they are all over the place!

They still love the door stops -- if we're not walking directly behind them, we can usually tell where they are by the vibrating door stops - ha! Here's Sofia demonstrating.........

They explore all the rooms on the bottom level of our house......Olivia was just checking out the dining room. To her right starts our cabinets and there's a drawer at the bottom under the ovens -- both girls have found this drawer and love to and so far, they've not tried the other cabinets. Let's hope it stays that way! I can handle them banging around a few baking sheets if they'll leave everything else alone!

The love to chase the bouncy balls. We had to go out and buy another one of these ladybug balls.....they were always fighting over it. Here's Sofia showing us how she can pick it up. Both girls are quite good at being able to catch the ball if we roll it to them and most of the time they roll it back. I love the squealing that accompanies this game! Their new thing is to pick the ball up and to toss it.....then crawl after it.....the toss it......crawl...toss.... You get the idea!

Olivia and Uncle A's shades! Maybe she's going to be our girls who loves accessories...........
This picture just because I love the expression on Olivia's face!

You can also see that their hair is getting so long! Olivia has those cute little "wings" at her ears where her hair isn't heavy enough to hang down so it sort of curls at her ears. We're constantly finding ourselves brushing Sofia's hair from her eyes. Remember the request for hairbows?? Yeah...hairbows are hit or miss around here. We're getting creative with how we distract each of them, especially Sofia who is in most need of a hairbow these days, but eventually the hairbows end up being pulled out of the hair. And in the mouth. And in the fireplace grating. Oh well.
That's all for now! I won't even discuss how it's some insane hour of the morning and here I sit....blogging....because I can't sleep. I'll pay for this in about 12 hours!!

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