Thursday, September 10, 2009

The pitter-patter of little feet

Sofia's feet, that is! We've entered a new stage around our house --- cruising. And it came pretty quickly. One moment Sofia's army crawling....then she's crawling on hands and knees.......pulling up to her knees, and then most recently her feet and finally, this past Tuesday, cruising on her own with the help of her toys. Yaaaaay Sofia! (You hear me say that in almost every video we have ---- Yaaaaaay (insert appropriate name here) -- I'm waiting for the day when I do that to D....."Honey - I washed your car for you." Yaaaaaaay D!)

Here are a couple of short videos of Sofia and her newest milestone. (BTW - I figured out the lighting is off just because most of the videos are taken in the evening....and apparently our family room isn't very well can see the difference below as one is taken during the day and the other at night.).

Here's Sofia and her first time cruising....or marching, as she started out. It was hilarious - when we would hold her hands and let her walk, she would pick up each of her legs straight out in front of her. When she got behind the wagon, she couldn't lift her legs straight out so she had to settle for the marching you see her try in this first video. Too cute!

And Olivia.....enjoying Sofia's cruising.....

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