Saturday, May 30, 2009 something with this hair.

At least that's what Sofia seemed to be saying............
And I think she even said "please"!

So.......I set out in search of hair bows and just look at what I found! Olivia was kind enough to model - I think Sofia was sleeping.

The cutest bows. I don't know what I needed 17 of them, but hey.

The girls had their 12-month check-up on Thursday. The doctor said they looked great. Sofia weighed in at 16lb 4oz and Olivia was 17lb 8oz. They both were 24 inches long. Oh wait.......Olivia was 24 and-the-oh-so-crucial one-quarter inches. Thankyouverymuch.

We have left formula behind and are drinking milk now. I can't believe it. The doctor also said it was time for the bottles to go. Um. Okay. Sounds great in theory........but that's not yet translated to practice. The girls still get 2 bottles - one in the morning and one before bed and then we do sippy cups throughout the day. They'll drink from the sippy cups, but it doesn't seem like they're drinking that much. They'd much rather play with the cups than drink from them. I think part of it is that the liquid in the cups isn't warm...........especially milk. I finally broke down and put milk in the bottle (the original plan was to switch to milk and cups at the same time) but both girls refuse even their bottle if the milk isn't warm enough. Excuse me.

So. We're doing one thing at a time. We made the switch to milk from formula without any problem so now we're going to work on the switch from bottles to sippy cups. Then we'll work on the temperature. Sounds like a plan. Ha. We'll see.

The doctor also encouraged us to start trying different table foods. Even though they only have 2 teeth, I think there's lots of things they can try. We gave them mandarin oranges tonight for dinner and they were a hit. We cut them into small pieces and put them on their highchair trays. Sofia wasted no time before those orange pieces were gone. She did so well with picking them up and getting them to her mouth! Olivia wasn't thrilled with trying to pick up the slippery little pieces so I helped her, but her victory was eating the oranges and not gagging at the texture. We've decided to go through the pantry and try something new every few days or so. Wow. Table food. Now we just need more teeth!!

That's all for now - I have one kid snoozing away and I'm working on the other one and then it's time to start sorting through the thousands of pictures we have on our computer. And I'm not stretching the truth about the thousands. As a matter of fact, I think we hit 5000 today. Oh my!

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Jessica said...

The hair bows are so cute! (And I'm taking notes regarding the switch over to cow's milk...)