Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Show me those pearly whites!

We had a big day around here..........Olivia and Sofia made their very first trip to the dentist! We honestly weren't sure what to expect ---they've gotten so hot and cold with their pediatrician so we could totally see how they would go in and refuse to open their mouth. We've spent the last week making a big deal about going to the dentist........"the dentist is going to count your teeth" or "the dentist is going to see if you have rainbows in there!" so they wouldn't be surprised. And I think it worked! (Um. Well. I think it helped - ha!)

We were so surprised! They did FANTASTIC!! We were in a room with two places so they could both go at the same time. Sofia was a little shy at first, so she wouldn't let go of D's hand -- but eventually she was just fine. And Miss Livie --- she was so awesome. She was excited to be there and she listened very well. They both got to wear sunglasses and have the best teeth ever! (I may be just a little biased...........................ahem).

And we've been making a big deal out of it since. So now when Olivia is talking to someone, she is sure to tell them "We went to the dentist today and I did a great job!"

Yes you did, my sweet baby girls. Yes you did!

(Olivia's in the purple sunglasses, Sofia's in the white sunglasses)

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