Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter egg hunting

It was the annual Easter egg hunt at Papa's work. We missed last year because it was raining so this year was Bella's first year and the big girls' second. And I think it was the best one yet!

We should use another word besides "hunting" since hunting was not required. There were thousands of eggs everywhere! It was more like Easter egg gathering. They divide the areas by age groups and this year all the girls got to be together in the 0-3 area. We thought about letting them all go with Carter to the bigger group, but I'm glad we decided against it -- I'm pretty sure all 3 girls would have been plowed over by the 4-7 year-olds. Especially Sofia who, at first, was intent on only picking up the pink ones. Then she started trying to open them as she picked them up. And finally she would pick them up.....shake them......and if it didn't sound like anything was in there, she would drop it and move on to the next one. I finally convinced her to just pick them up and I promised there were surprises in there - haha.

They did well! Here's Sofia (see the eggs on the ground.....I told you......gathering!!)

....and Olivia.....
Miss Bella-Bella was also quite in to it, too!! She was adamant about holding her own basket.
And afterwards..........

Lots of fun and fantastic weather! There was a petting zoo with all kinds of animals to pet and feed. Bounce houses for jumping. A sand table where they could fill up small plastic bottles with all kinds of colored sand. Hot dogs and corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, balloons and face painting. No wonder we all took a nap when we got home!!

I couldn't believe Olivia actually sat down to get her face painted..... A great day for sure! And here are a couple of my other most favorite pictures from the day......

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