Wednesday, October 12, 2011

He has returned!!!!!!

LITTLE has returned! And we have one happy little girl...........
For the last several days we've had a search crew looking for Little and we were having no luck, then tonight I get an email from D "HE HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!". Seriously....I could have cried. Although....over the last few days we've had some pretty funny conversations.

On Saturday night, D had gone to the grocery store and I was home after everyone else was in bed. It's hilarious because when Sofia gets out of bed after she's been tucked in, she walks quietly downstairs and walks through the foyer into the kitchen with a blanket over her head. She looks like a little ghost. So I'm walking through the kitchen and I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and, at the same time, see a little ghost floating into the kitchen. Scared the $%^* out of me!! "Mommy I'm missing something. I'm missing my Little. I think he went to the lost city. We have to get a car and drive to the lost city to get Little."

Hmm. The lost city, huh?

Trust me when I tell you that we've turned our house upside-down. Seriously. Everywhere you can think of, we've looked. We've even looked in places you wouldn't think of, too. Little was nowhere to be found. And bless her heart....Sofia tried her best to replace Little. For about a day there was a little yellow bunny, but let's face cute as the bunny was......he was no Little. Little was truly nowhere to be found.

Until tonight.

D went to the store and at some point, he was looking in the car and guess who appeared! Little had been driving around with us this whole time!! The funniest thing, though. When D got home from the store, he pulled Little out and said "Sofia....look who I found!" and Sofia goes......."Daddy! You found Little at Wal Mart!!!"

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C said...

You know she got the Lost City idea from an episode of Dora! That's where all the lost toys go!!! :)