Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bella v. waffles

My $$'s on Bella! She has taken to "adult" food like nobody's business. We've been away from baby food for quite a while, but now we're even getting away from pureed foods......this girl wants some texture! It's the funniest thing. She usually doesn't want to be spoon fed and she'll pitch a fit until she can do it herself. Little Miss Independent, for sure!

Of course this independence thing causes us a struggle sometimes at meal times because she still only has two.....well 2 1/2...... teeth. We were having lunch the other day and I was tearing off little pieces (microscopic pieces, even by Papa's standards......because, Dad, even though I give you a hard time about your insane fear of choking, I have that fear, too! Perhaps not to the same degree.....but still!) of a grilled cheese sandwich. I wasn't going fast enough....and the pieces probably weren't large enough.....so Bella reached over, took the sandwich out of my hand, and ate the whole thing. Ha!

Another new adventure.....I swear I don't remember it being this difficult to pick out meals when O&S made the move to table food but, like everyhing else, how quickly we forget, right?!?!

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