Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 1st birthday, my sweet Bella!

Dear Bella........
I can't believe it's here already. A whole year since the very first time we saw your sweet face. I keep looking at the clock and thinking "This time last year.....we were heading to the hospital" or "This time last year, we were watching a Grey's Anatomy rerun waiting to find out if it was your birthday or if we were heading home". And even a little reminiscing about the day we realized you were growing in Mommy's tummy. Boy that was quite a day!!

What a great year we've had with you and so many changes you've already had! I think you picked up some tall genes from Mommy's side of the family since you're only about 6 inches shorter than your sisters. 6" shorter and only a few pounds lighter -- your sisters better watch out! Since you've been mobile, we joke about how you're like a little bull in a china shop. You do everything with purpose and you just take what you want. You're going to give your sisters a run for their money once you're up and walking. You love being around them, though. Some days you follow them from room to room -- and other days, you're perfectly content to play by yourself. Content is one of the best words to describe you. For the most part, you just sit back and go with the flow and we are truly thankful for that. But you're funny, too! You are usually all smiles and laughs and squeals.

I think we've pretty much given up calling you Isabella....I'm sure you'll go through life being Bella. But hey....that's way better than going by Chunky Monkey......or Turkey......Bellie.....Bells. We'll keep all those nicknames in the house, okay?!!!

You stopped taking bottles several weeks ago....and I must say. I really miss that nighttime bottle where we rocked in your room before you went to bed. We still rock, though. Even if only for a few minutes. I love how, as I start to sit down in the rocker, your thumb goes straight to your mouth and your head straight to my shoulder. I think you would still go to bed if I just put you straight in your crib......but if you don't mind, I'm going to hang on to that as long as you'll let me, okay? You're quite the Mommy's girl....and I don't mind that either! It makes me smile when, if I'm holding you and someone tries to take you from me, you turn your head and put it on my shoulder. Or you grip my arm or my shirt because you don't want me to let go of you. I'll take that one a little longer, too.

Did I already tell you what a happy baby you are? You start the day off with a's one of my favorite ways to start the day -- walking into your room and how you get a huge grin on your face when you see me. And now that you're able to stand up, I see your grin peeking over the crib railing.

Like I's been a great year. And although my heart aches just the tiniest bit at the fact that my baby is growing up, I can't wait to see what's in store this next year! Happy first birthday, my sweet baby girl.

Love, Mommy

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