Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spending the night with Grandma

Olivia and Sofia had their first sleepover at Grandma's house last night! Mom had been talking about the girls staying over for a while so we decided this weekend was the one. We've been away from the girls before, but they've always stayed at our house.

Grandma came Saturday afternoon and we weren't sure how it would go......especially Olivia. She can be touchy, you know - haha! When Grandma was leaving, Olivia all of a sudden was very concerned about Bella. "Bella has to go with us." "Bella don't wanna stay here by herself." "Bella has to go in the car, too." And when it was time for Olivia to get in Grandma's car, the tears came...................until they got to the top of our street and then she was fine - haha.

So D and Bella and I went out for dinner and then a little mosey-ing around town....and we ended the evening at this place that makes funnel cakes. Yum! And I must was a be out with Bella and without the big girls. I mean. We did get to eat a hot meal and I only went to the bathroom once (and that was because Bella got those little puff things stuck in the back of her mouth and may have thrown up at the table. But. It went right on the plastic mat which was easily washable. Could that kid be any more easy going??!!). So it truly was nice.......but a little weird.

However. We clearly missed them way more than they missed us. I mean....when Grandma has roller skates.....who can compete with that???!!!!!! I have no clue where the girls picked it up, but lately they've been talking about roller skates. "Mommy! Did you bring me roller skates from your work?" If we said we had a surprise for them....."Is it roller skates?" So Grandma did, indeed, have roller skates waiting for them at her house! And they were so cute when Grandma brought them home this afternoon......walking on their roller skates. And Sofia was crying. Because she had to come home.

So! The first sleepover was a success! Grandma.....just so you know.....we're now the proud owner of kitty cat helmets to go with the roller skates. Because Olivia insists on it!

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