Friday, July 29, 2011

Catch up

or.....ketchup. Did I tell you I sat at the table one evening at dinner and watched Sofia eat apples dipped in ketchup? True story.

It's been a whole week since my last's time for me to get really busy at work for a few weeks but I'm going to try to keep up. So! Let's know I love bullets.

  • It's been so hot....and we've been having trouble with ants trying to cool down in our house. D had found a trail of them going up our stairs and cleaned them up. A while later we were getting ready to go out and as I came down the stairs I saw Sofia squatting down in front of the stairs. "Look, Mommy! These little ants are so cute!"

  • Papa has found a new career. As a manicurist. See..........

      • What Papa doesn't know is since he "painted" their fingernails, the girls have been trying to re-create his fantastic work of art. D told me that today....the girls drew all over themselves. They drew circles around their eyes.....lines down their face....on their hands. Now. D doesn't quite have the parenting skills I have because he didn't even think about grabbing the camera for pictures before taking the girls to wash their faces. I mean really. Sheesh...........

      • When we ride in the car, the girls always remind us "Red means stop! Green means go!" So the other night my mom was helping me with bath time and she was going to dry Sofia's hair. Sofia goes "Grandma! Red means stop! and green means go!.....and purple means NO!"

      • One of Olivia's favorite sayings is "Check this out!"

      • I knew it would come back to bite us......every morning the girls get out of bed and tell us "The sky is blue again." And of course at night......when it's not quite dark but we're trying to put them to bed....."But. The sun is still awake!"

      • Sofia usually gets out of bed after we've put them down. She sneaks downstairs and will stand in the foyer hall right at the entrance of the kitchen and try to peak around the corner. I usually hear her on the stairs.

      • Olivia.......oh my Livie Bug. I'm amazed at how quickly the tears still come. She's definitely upholding her diva reputation.

      • We went to Carter's 5th birthday at a local waterpark. The same one we took the girls to visit before. We ate cake. We ate pizza. We swam. D was going to leave with my dad to take Bella home so we were helping them get everything together. Which required Olivia to get out of the pool. Which started what became the worst melt-down we've ever had. She was screaming at the top of her lungs. She wouldn't stop crying because she wanted to get back in the pool. I tried to reason with her but she wasn't having it. I decided she would go home with D and Bella and Sofia and I would stay.....but when we tried to get them in the car, Bella didn't fit in the infant seat. I might have dropped a swear word or two. Not one of my finer moments as a parent. We all left. Olivia screamed half way home. It was a 30 minute drive.

      • We got home and insisted the girls spend time resting in their room. They came downstairs after about an hour and Olivia walks over and leans in to me......."Mommy! I happy. I not crying anymore." So we talked about how her behavior caused us to leave and it was unacceptable behavior. Olivia goes "But. Grandma hurt me." Um. Whaaaat?. Little white lies already??? So we had another discussion about nice behavior and then I hear "I sorry, Mommy." in the sweetest little voice.

      • I'm tired. All week long, no matter what time I go to bed.....I've been waking up at 4:30 or 5am.

      • Bella is army crawling. Or slithering. That kid can move it-move it!!

      Until next time..........

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