Sunday, July 10, 2011

Low key

It's been a really low key weekend around our house. Earlier in the week we thought all 3 girls were coming down with colds.....and they've all had runny noses, but Olivia and Bella seem to be fine. They've been playing really well together. Well. Except for the occasional "Mommy.....Bella hurt my arm!"

I know what you're thinking. This face says it all, doesn't it?

Who. Me?
Bella has even been sharing her seat with Olivia...........
I used to try to get the girls to not sit in Bella's chair because I was afraid they would break it. Then I reminded myself that Olivia & Sofia are only about 5lbs heavier than Bella - haha!

And then there's my poor Pia. She's not been feeling well for a few days now. She's been running a fever off and on and she's been telling us her tummy has a boo boo. She felt a little better last night after we put a band-aid on her tummy, but this morning she slept until almost 10am and she's been sleeping off and on throughout the day........sometimes in more unusual places........

She's moved to the couch and is still sleeping. And we know she's really not feeling well because Grandma and Papa stopped by for a visit and she barely opened her eyes. And even then she only opened them after we were a little too noisy when the women's US World Cup soccer team scored in the very last minute of stoppage time play to tie the game with Brazil and send the game to penalty kicks. The US won, btw, but Sofia could really care less.......poor thing!

And now Miss Bella is calling me from her room so I must run.........a low key weekend for sure - a quiet way to start the new week.

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