Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Learn to tell time, ladies

So I'm laying in bed. Sleeping. And I hear little voices in the hallway. I open my eyes and the first thing I notice is that it's still dark. Really dark. 4:30am dark. I get out of bed and catch the girls half way down the stairs and for the next 20 minutes, we have the following conversation. (Don't worry. I'm skipping some parts so it's not 20 mins worth)

Me: "Girls! What are you doing?"

Olivia: "Mommy. We have to pee pee potty downstairs."
Sofia: "We have to go downstairs, Mommy!"

Me: "No - we can pee pee in the potty in the bathroom by your room."

So they come back upstairs and we hit the potty. I wasn't surprised by Sofia being up and around, but Olivia never gets out of bed. So Olivia goes to the potty and while we're sitting there with Sofia, who is now on the potty, we continue talking.

O: "Mommy. We're thirsty. We need something to drink. We can't stop coughing."
S: "We need something to drink, Mommy. We like water!"

Me: "You do? Okay. I'll get you some water. But can we please use our quiet voices because Bella and Daddy are still sleeping and we don't want to wake them up."

S: "We can't wake them up, Mommy? We not wake Daddy and Bella up."
O: "Sofia! We have to use our quiet voice."

(Do I even have to tell you they're practically yelling at eachother?)

Me: "Sofia - are you finished?"

S: "Not yeeh-ehhht."
O: "Mommy, Sofia's not finished. She not done yet. But. We're thirsty. We need water."
S: "Mommy. It's really dark outside. Is the sun hiding behind the clouds?"

Me: "No, honey. Actually. The sun is still sleeping."

S:" The sun is sleeping? The moon is still awake?"

Me: "Yes. The sun is sleeping which means you should be sleeping too. We all should be sleeping. Now can you please finish so we can go back to bed?"

S: "Not yeeh-ehhht, Mommy. Not yeeh-ehhht."

So we continue this banter talking about how the sun is sleeping with Bella and Daddy. I finally get them back in bed. It's now close to 5am.

The funniest part, though, is later this morning D went upstairs to get the girls up. They were awake but still laying in their beds.

S: "Daddy.....the sun wake up? We can go downstairs now?"

Hahahahaha. Good strategy to keep them in bed, eh? We have to be careful, though. These are some smart kiddos we have and the whole "sun is still awake" thing could come back to bite us in the hiney when we try to get the girls in bed when it's still light outside - hahaha!

Thankfully, Bella stayed asleep..........................and it's no wonder she's not hearing anything when she's sleeping like this......
Oh yes. She's totally sleeping in this picture. No, no. I didn't take a picture this morning.....but I did take it recently because, for the life of me, I can't understand how she sleeps like this! I've tried to turn her head to the side, but she moves it right back.

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