Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3-yr check up

Olivia and Sofia had their 3-year check-up this afternoon. We were glad for that after the long weekend we had, especially with Sofia. And I was even more glad when, as I was taking Sofia's clothes off at the doctor's office, I noticed a rash all over her body. That wasn't there yesterday! Diagnosis.......virus. Those yucky bugs that come around, wreak havoc in the form of fever, vomiting and other unpleasantness, and apparently goes out with a rash. Apparently the rash is a sign they're getting better. Huh. Interesting.

So! Aside from the whole virus thing, both girls got a clean bill of health and a big compliment on how verbal they are. Ah my little chatterboxes! Chatterboxes in complete sentences thankyouverymuch!

Olivia weighed in at 26lb 7oz and was 36.5" long. Um. I think we say tall now, right?!

Sofia was 25lb 9oz and was also 36.5" tall. Had it not been for the 4 days of not eating, I think she would have almost matched Olivia in weight, too!!

Both girls were in great moods and were eager to stand on the scale and "see the numbers" to see how much of a big girl they were.

And then came the not-so-fun part. Apparently there's a booster shot at 3 yrs. I won't bore you with all the details, but "they" have changed the strength or dosage or something on a vaccine previously received (I promise we felt sufficiently informed before we went ahead with the shot even if I can't repeat the details now.) And if that wasn't enough -- they also had to have their finger pricked to test cholesterol and iron. Needless to say that whole thing went over like a lead balloon. Thank goodness for the cure-all.........Dum Dums. Who knew such a little sucker could hold so much power.

By the time we walked out, we were all smiles again and life was good.

Our big girls.

Of course tonight, as I was herding the girls upstairs for bed (ever heard the phrase herding cats? No? Do come over some night before bedtime), Sofia decided she didn't want to talk. I told her I wasn't carrying her and I was met with "Mommy.....I'm not a big girl anymore. You have to carry me." And then "You have to carry me. My legs are too short."

Where, oh where, do they get these things?!?!!!

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