Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 months!

Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old today..........
9 months! It's the end of the third quarter (hello....any accountants out there?!) . Only 3 more months left until the big 1. Sigh......

It's been a great month for Miss Bella. She's been practicing with a sippy cup and working on her hand-eye coordination by picking up and eating those little puff-things. And although rolling is still her primary mode of transportation, we're thinking she's almost figured out how to army-crawl. She's so good at rolling, though, that we have to say she's mobile. Her favorite place to go is the play room where she can reach all the toys in the bottom bins of the toy shelf. D said the other day we can no longer blame a mess of toys on the big girls - haha!

Oh! And Bella has 2 teeth. See.................................

I'm really hoping she's not going to be a biter, but I'm a little nervous about that one. She's already trying to put those little chompers to use. And I'm not talking about food, either!

We had her 9-month check-up today. "She's perfect" is music to my ears!! My guess on her weight was a little off...she was "only" 21lb 5oz. And 29 3/4" tall. At the top of the growth curve for both....she's definitely going to be taller than her sisters. The doctor suggested we start trying soft table foods so Bella can start getting used to different textures. Man oh man. Big people food.

Isabella's still a fantastic sleeper.....her bed time is anywhere from 7-8:30 (usually closer to 7) and she sleeps anywhere from 6:30-8am . We've gotten in to sort of a routine with bedtime which usually involves a bottle, the rocking chair, the projector on the ceiling and some music. And I love it. I really do. A few nights ago, my mom was over and she was helping me put the girls to bed. I gave her Bella's bottle and she headed to Bella's room for the routine. A short time later when I checked on them, Bella wasn't cooperating. Turns out she just wanted her Mommy. Apparently when I'm home, she only wants me. Love that!

Happy 9 mos, my sweet baby girl!

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