Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The girls are really in to boo-boos and bandages these days and usually we're trying to spy the tiniest little boo-boo to make sure we get the bandage in just the right place. Until now. Today may be our first true boo-boo day with blood involved. It wasn't a lot of blood, thank goodness....but there was blood nonetheless.

And I must say.......this girl............

seemed quite proud of her boo-boos. D said she fell on the sidewalk this morning on the way to MMO. Since I knew he was talking about Olivia, I was totally prepared to hear the next part about how it took forever to get her calmed down. And I was sure that her legs were plastered with bandages. Imagine my surprise when he told me she cried for a very short time. I mean short. As in she had stopped by the time they go to the building short. No really! Olivia? My favorite drama queen?? D broke the rules and went into the classroom with her and spent a few minutes washing off her knees and then away he went and she was fine. And I think a little proud of her boo-boos. Whew knew?!?!!

We had a good outing this evening. Since we're always outnumbered, we typically don't let the girls walk when we're shopping. Usually that's not a problem even though they both insist on riding in the top part of the shopping cart. D and I each push a shopping cart and then one of us carries Bella strapped to us in a carrier. What is becoming a problem, though, is Miss Bella-Bella. Since we all know she's quite a healthy girl, it's getting more and more uncomfortable to carry her and she needs to start riding. So tonight.......we decided to let the girls walk. I think D was quite surprised when I suggested they walk. So while we were still driving, I told the girls they could walk in the store......but they had to listen to Mommy and Daddy or we would have to put them in the shopping cart. We get little smiling faces and some nodding heads.

I was quite proud of myself. I had an open mind and I brought my patience. And you know what?? It was a good trip! The girls were quite cute in their little pink baseball hats and they walked with us all over the store. Our new Wal-Mart is huge and we walked from one end to the other and I think that contributed to their willingness to go to bed as soon as we got home - haha. Well....that and I told them they had to go nie-night 3 more times before it was Carter's birthday party.

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