Monday, June 27, 2011

Um. Really?

We were in Target Sunday night doing some quick shopping. As we were heading towards the registers, Sofia let us know she needed a trip to the potty. And of course Olivia needed to go too. So I move Olivia to the shopping cart where Sofia is already sitting and we head towards to bathroom while D and Bella check out.

As soon as we walk away from D, the girls go in to total meltdown mode. (I forgot to tell you that we're on day 3 of no naps.....and by the time we get to around 5pm....meltdown city!) Of course this starts just before we get to the registers and the restroom is all the way on the other side of the registers so I push a cart filled with two loudly crying girls by all of the registers. I was focused on getting to the bathroom so I tried not to notice exactly how many people were staring at me!

We go to the bathroom. Have some more tears. And I finally get them calmed down. As we're heading out, a lady comes in and when she sees us she gets this huge smile on her face........

"I have never heard crying in unison like that before! That was hilarious! I wish I would have had my video camera!!"

Um. Really? Seriously???

So many comments crossed my mind but I settled on "Well it definitely wasn't hilarious from my end, I have to say."

But really. I'm very well aware of, and quite used to, the attention we receive but today is the first day I truly felt like a circus.......

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