Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer school

Olivia and Sofia started their summer MMO program today. By the way......I wonder if I go back and look at all the times I've written the girls' names together, would I find that I always write it Olivia and Sofia.....or do I change it around and put Sofia first? Because I often have the discussion with myself about who comes first. Olivia seems the most obvious. You know. With the whole alphabetical 'O comes before S' thing. But then.....Sofia is technically the oldest so should she come first? That's a tough one for someone as symmetrically minded as I am.

Aaaaaaaaanywho. I digress.

So Sofia and Olivia (gotcha, didn't I?!?!?!!) started their summer MMO program today at the same church where they've been going. We debated on whether to send them, but we decided it would be something fun for them to do....and it would keep them on some kind of a schedule with the whole school thing so that when they start going 3 days a week in September, it won't be such a shock to them. We were a little worried about 2 things.......how they would react to being left at school.......and the whole potty thing. During the "regular" MMO program, they asked parents to not use pull-ups and since we've not ventured very far (for very long) from the house without pull-ups, we were kinda nervous about that whole thing. Of course, the teacher was wonderful and they have designated potty breaks throughout the day (in the cutest little kid-sized bathrooms, I might add!). And we were hoping for a little peer pressure as well.

When D picked up the girls this afternoon, he sent me this...........................
All signs.....and a little candy....point to a GREAT day! And although you'd never know it from looking at just this picture......these are the outfits they started the day in.....so no potty accidents!!!!! D said he was asking the girls if they had fun today and one of them goes "Daddy! I pee-pee in the potty at school!!" Ah the simple things, right?!?!

Another big change.....D gets to use the car line to pick them up now. At 2, we had to walk the girls to their classroom, and walk in to pick them up. Apparently now is the time to start "practicing" (while they have a smaller number of kids) with the car line for pick-up so when D got there today, the girls were waiting in the lobby area of the building. I think he's pretty excited about that because it's one less trip to make juggling Bella in her stroller, 2 kids running in two different directions and backpacks and lunchboxes!

Oh. And did you see all those stickers on their hats? Stickers! Candy! Playground! A good day, indeed.

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