Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yaaaaay Bella!

Guess who learned how to clap.....and clapped for the first time on her own today?! And I know you all will join me in thinking that it's just the cutest. thing. ever. Well. At least until she or the big girls do something else - haha! As you can see from her hands, she claps with her hand on the top of her other hand.......and sometimes she moves up her arm.

One or both of the big girls clapped like this at first, too. We practiced clapping a lot today -- I never get tired of seeing that sweet little grin!

In other funniness......the girls were playing in the play area this afternoon and I kept hearing one of them go "Are you ready, Ra-Ra?" and the other would go "Are you ready, Carter?" Then "Let's go, Ra-Ra." and "Let's go, Carter." This kept on and I finally had to go and see where, exactly, they were going with Aunt Ra-Ra and Carter. I almost fell over laughing because when I walked in to the play area, the girls were playing with their (stuffed) dogs and pulling them by the leash. Apparently they named their dogs Ra-Ra and Carter. You know I immediately had to call Aunt Ra-Ra and share the funny story!

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